- Design-Build, Marine Construction, Pile Driving (Deep Foundations),

Client: City of St. Louis Port Authority

Location: St. Louis, MO

This design-build project consisted of the reconstruction of the South, Middle, and partial North Docks of the Municipal River Terminal just north of downtown St. Louis on the Missouri side of the Mississippi River. The work included installing a new cellular sheet pile wall in front of the existing South Dock wall, restrained with concrete tie beams which incorporated both the old and new structures. The space between the walls was filled with a ten foot layer of clean rock at the bottom and the remaining depth is concrete. The Middle Dock was a combination wall constructed from king pile and sheet pile. The king pile is restrained by tie rods and a concrete deadman anchor located 100 feet back from the face of the dock. The North Dock is an existing king pile and sheet pile wall with rock anchors. The southernmost 100 feet is strengthened to allow for usage of the new design loading of the Middle and South Dock. The strengthening consisted of installing tiebacks and a deadman anchor 100 feet back, similar to that of the Middle Dock. The South and Middle Docks have a crane unloading platform constructed from aggregate and geogrid, extending 40 feet back and running their entire length.