- Highway Bridge, Seismic Retrofit,

Client: Illinois Department of Transportation

Location: East St. Louis, IL

Our scope of work for this project was to perform seismic retrofit to the Illinois approach spans to the Poplar Street Bridge over the Mississippi River. All of the worked preformed on this project is to prevent catastrophic failure or collapse of the structure in the event of seismic activity. Web reinforcing plates were installed on the girders to help maintain the strength of the girder and prevent failure in case of web cracking. Most of the columns received a column wrap system to aid in the prevention of column failure. Also, cross frame modifications and tie beam wraps were installed to the pier caps to prevent movement. Structural steel bumpers were installed at the top of the columns and attached to the girders to act as a restraint to prevent the bridge from sliding off the columns. The bumper pads on the columns and the cross frame modifications tied into each other to work as one system. In addition, stiffener intersect modifications, replacement of damaged bolts, crack extension modifications, and bearing replacements were completed on this project. This project included over 60,000 bolts and 14,000 linear feet of web plates.