Bridges Aren’t Built Overnight

All of our services, not just bridges, require planning, scheduling and coordination among many other qualities for a smooth, efficient building process.

The result of working with St. Louis Bridge is a smoother, more time efficient project path from beginning to end.

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Hence our name, bridges are our main focus. We build bridges, we tear them down, and everything in between.  From rehabilitation to seismic retrofitting, there is nothing we won’t do.  We specialize in highway, railroad and pedestrian structures.

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Marine Construction

Our barges, marine vessels and other necessary equipment allow safe access conducive to the construction of bridges crossing over water, docks and other structures best accessed from the water.

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Locks, Dams, and Floodwalls

St. Louis Bridge has experience working on locks and dams on navigable waterways, dams on inland waterways, as well as land-based floodwalls.  We can also replace and rehabilitate flood gates.

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Pile Driving (Deep Foundations)

Many of our projects include the installation of deep foundations, typically driven piles and some projects involving drilled shafts or micro piles.  We are also experienced with temporary sheet piling, including its use as a cofferdam to allow foundations to safely be placed on the bottom of a river.

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Seismic Retrofit

When is the next earthquake going to occur?  Who knows?  However, most engineers agree that bridges can be seismically retrofitted to enhance their odds of functioning during and following a seismic event. 

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Steel Erection

Our in-house engineers have years of experience erecting complex steel structures. There is no cookie-cutter job.  Each one requires specialized knowledge, extensive pre-planning, review and careful execution.

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Railroad Projects

Railroad bridges and track projects have unique requirements.  St Louis Bridge is well versed in the complexities regarding working around live train traffic, as well as the high importance placed on minimizing track downtime.

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Industrial Projects

Our knowledge of heavy civil engineering is extended with our Industrial Projects.  We have experience performing work at power plants and wastewater treatment plants.

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Emergency Response

If flood waters threaten to wash away your bridge, we will be there.  If a wayward boat hits your pier, we will be there.  If a rogue piece of equipment crumbles your structural steel, we will be there and we will fix it.

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St. Louis Bridge can build, repair, and rehabilitate bridges and structures.  When the project requires it, we can also tear them down.  In most cases, this is the first phase of replacing the structure.

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Specialty Projects

When you hear heavy civil construction you don’t often think of beautification projects.  However, heavy civil projects can be constructed to be aesthetically pleasing.  Depending on the application and location of the structure, St. Louis Bridge can provide visually appealing projects.

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St. Louis Bridge can utilize either the design/build or design/bid/build system for all services. As a growing trend in our industry we embrace and can provide these types of  services.

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“Anyone can build a structure, but an engineer does it efficiently and economically.”

– George M. Johnson- Founder St. Louis Bridge Construction Co